HYPOBOX New update

Hypobox UPDATE Version: DATE: 29 November 2019

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emmc Tools :
- add full dump Firmware eMMC and eMMC Flash Recovery

  • add eMMC programming vendor firmware
  • add eMMC file explorer with detailed partition
  • full option eMMC reconfiguration up to JEDEC 5.1
  • SD cards support Read, Write, Erase, Lock, and Unlock
NAND Tools :
- fix some BUG Identify Brand Nand

  • add manual supply power Nand for Some Brand
  • add Dump iDevice Configuration
  • add Command CFI patch 0×0001, 0×0002, 0×0200 and 0×0003
  • add function controller in MSM6250, MSM6250A;
  • add function controller in QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270;
  • add function controller in MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6270, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6290, MSM6800A, MSM6801A;
  • add fungtion controller and OneNAND Controller in MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627;
  • add function controller in MSM7200, MSM7200A, MSM7201A, MSM7500, MSM7500A, MSM7501A, MSM7600;
  • add function controller in QSD8250, QSD8650;
UFS Tools :
- fix BUG in list Identify

Nand PCIe :
- add power optional
- add list Nand Brand

Extras Feature
- fix some BUG in finger READ/Write

All in One box just arrived
Hypobox will ROCK you.....!



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